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Working at Penguin

We are proud of our win-win based culture at Penguin. It's a mix of self-directed independence and team collaboration.

Our environment is business casual and relaxed while being highly focused, goal-oriented and productive. We expect a lot from our people and in return we go all out to provide meaningful employment, an enjoyable work environment, and the chance to do what you do best.

Our people are smart, and we give them the tools and autonomy they need to excel.


Feel Free to Have a Life

We are proud to be one of the early adopters of a "results only" culture, where the focus is on accomplishment, rather than the old-school value on how many hours you've logged in the office. 

We know that satisfied customers begin with satisfied employees. Our flexible work culture makes striking a balance between work and life a lot easier!

We even did away with PTO accruals.   Instead we have unlimited, uncapped Paid Time Off.  And 10 Holidays a year.



Quality of Work

Our working environment is relaxed, yet highly productive. We expect a lot from our people, and in return we offer meaningful employment, and the chance to do what you do best!

Our workplace is all about execution, and accomplishing the results that were planned.

Additionally, you will experience:

  • Start-up Energy - though we are somewhere between "Established" and "Expanding" in our business life cycle, our work environment retains the energy and enthusiasm of a startup. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well!
  • Great managers - our managers are friendly, professional folks who demonstrate credibility through honest and reliable actions, and offer support in a sincere, encouraging style.
  • All Hands Meetings - our CEO openly shares information including company financial status, strategic plans, new customers, new projects, and new goals.
  • Training Opportunities - Penguin supports your professional growth and development
  • Our employees agree! Our turnover rate is a low 5%!


Involvement in the HPC Community as a Penguin Insider

  • We are the Experts in High Performance Computing - Penguin Computing was the first company to develop and manufacture computers running the Linux operating system exclusively.
  • We ♥ Linux - our employees share in the company's continuing leadership in Linux-based solutions for the internet infrastructure market.
  • Renownd Professionals - you will have the chance to work with brilliant industry professionals
  • We are being recognized - the 2011 "Inc. 500/5000" has ranked us one of the "50 Fastest Growing Companies in Silicon Valley"
  • Penguin Computing is a great place to learn!



Qualities We Value

  • We look for applicants in all areas of our business who are customer oriented. Whether clients are internal or external, customer focus is a primary quality we look for.
  • Demonstrated personal enjoyment, talent and achievement in your chosen field, and substantiation that you take your responsibilities seriously.
  • We also look for impartiality, objectivity and the highest standards of ethical behavior.



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